School Programs offers distance learning courses for Grade 8 through Grade 12. Cutting-edge technologies, high-quality contents, and a team of distinguished educators are the mainstays of our e-learning platform. Our contents are carefully tailored for online learning in accordance with the National level curriculum of Nepal. In addition to the subject/topic materials, our content is comprised of high-quality interactive quizzes and assignments which measure the quality of teachings.

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade XI

Grade XII

Our complete package includes an online school information system, a state-of-the-art learning management system, and high-quality course contents. With these evolving technologies and exclusive course contents, it will be efficient for you to educate the students, manage, track and store the information like attendance, performance tracking, human resource, student information, etc. In addition, administrators, educators, learners, and parents can have easy access to their relevant areas anytime, anywhere using our mobile app or connecting to our site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Here are the main offerings of our platform for an unbeatable price:

  • High-quality Digital Course Content that is continually maintained and upgraded
  • Flexible Learning Management System (LMS) which is up 24×7
  • User-friendly Student Information System (SIS) to streamline your operations
  • Integration with video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet
  • On-going teacher, student, and administrator training
  • On-going technical and data management support
  • Free cloud hosting
  • On-going system maintenance and upgrades

We will be adding more courses as we foresee the need. Our motto is to help in the transformation of learning in Nepal which starts here, the grade level. For more information contact us or mail us at