Who We Are

ChilloPaat.com, an online education content-driven platform, comes with the motto to transform the future of learning in Nepal which focuses on flexible and adaptive learning enhancing creativity and overall growth of our learners driven by the integration of technology and academic excellence. Likewise, we want to ensure that our partners are equipped with evolving technologies in the education industry so that all the operations can be easily streamlined thereby improving the students’ and institutions’ productivity, efficiency, and results. We have a team of renowned educators, academic administrators, and information technology (IT) professionals who have deep-rooted objectives to make a positive impact on the education sector in Nepal. Our strong team also has thought leaders from the United States of America and Australia with decades of valuable experience in the IT and education sectors. We have joined hands with our counterparts from overseas so that we can assimilate vision, ideas, and experience from both worlds in order to create a digital platform for institutions that are well planned, developed, implemented, and sustained for years to come. We truly believe in the power of uplifting and empowering our students to be able to learn productively from anywhere, anytime.

Our academic team with decades of valuable experience has an in-depth understanding of how knowledge is organized in our minds, how students learn the best, and how one student differs from another. Our thought leaders and experts with extensive exposure in the dynamic job markets will assist in bridging the gap between knowledge producers and knowledge users. Every sector is going through rapid changes so is the education sector. This is where we can act as a catalyst to your essential needs so that your institution is ahead of the curve. Our content-driven e-learning platform with an integrated school information system (SIS) is designed to cater to the needs of these changing dimensions of the education sector.

“Change is the only constant in life” – It is true, for numerous reasons, the education sector will go through changes as well. It is our utmost belief that responsive learning which brings together the thought leaders and progressive educators with the help of converging technologies is the future of education. We want to build a customized platform where learning is not confined to rote methods bound by time and space, but process-oriented flexible learning which focuses on clarity in ideas and thinking process. We want our students to be fully engaged in the learning process. Our curriculum and contents are designed for success; we believe that with generous light and nurturing every leaf will shine. We will not stop here – we are committed to adding more resources and fine-tuning our methodologies so that education keeps flowing like a tranquil stream of knowledge building tomorrow’s Nepal.