• As a student what is different for me in ChilloPaat.com?

    Rote learning is an idea of the past. We are promoting process-oriented and meaningful learning which is responsive in nature. You will be able to share your ideas and learn from others. Our pool of elite educators will go above and beyond so that you are able to comprehensibly understand the concept and process without memorization in a flexible learning environment. Also, we would like to add that we have formed a team of experienced professionals from home and abroad who will guide you and assist you in your walks towards success.

  • How much does it cost to adopt our system in your institution?

    Our pricing model is very competitive with no compromise on the quality of education. Please contact us on 9823734019 or Email us at info@chillopaat.com to get the cost structure for the course(s) of your interest. We provide discounts if you register for a period of time with us.

  • As a parent, how can I see my child’s development?

    This is a great question. We will continuously assess our students through assignments, projects, quizzes and interactive sessions. Our learning portal will have an area where parents can view their child’s development. Parents have a vested interest in their child’s success and we value every input from parents. Together we can help them shine!

  • What types of resources are needed for me to take a course in ChilloPaat.com?

    We acknowledge that everyone will not have the same bandwidth when it comes to the internet and may have different computing devices. Our platform is very light and does not need any additional resources as long as you have a data plan to stream for the live sessions. Asynchronous classes will need even less bandwidth. You will be able to continue learning using any computer, smartphone, or tablet anytime, anywhere.

  • Can we access the class materials any time?

    Yes, your customized classroom materials are accessible 24 x 7. In fact, we will augment the materials covered in the interactive sessions by giving you access to assignments, quizzes, and discussion boards so that you can gain much more from our flexible approach to learning.