Highlights of Chillopaat

How do we measure success?

There are all different ways to measure success, but we will measure our success in only way and that is you, our learners. We have objectives and agendas for each course and each session. As we go, we should be able to see the growth in you that coincide with your learning priorities. There has to be a tangible way to measure your evolution for which we will have assessment tools, topic based discussions and active interactions between educators and learners. We will clearly communicate you your strength and areas where you need to focus more. Our whole model is based on your success and that is our only goal. We will help you shine and you will help us shine.

What we Offer?

ChilloPaat.com offers courses for English, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science for grade 8 – 12. We will be adding more as we foresee the need of going beyond the school level. IELTS, TOEFL, Vocational courses and many more will be added in the near future. You will be learning from elite educators who have deep rooted goal to see you succeed. Let’s get ready to shine… Here are the courses we are offering at present…