ChilloPaat Signs a Contract with Panchkhal Municipality

Anish Pradhan has signed in three new schools that fall under Panchkhal Municipality in the month of Falgun. Mayor Mahesh Kharel, a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic leader leading Panchkhal Municipality, gave a heads up after witnessing our product and service model. “Digital Learning is the future. Globally, it is not a new concept, but in Nepal, its importance has been acknowledged only recently. Not everyone is fortunate and privileged to access such a digital learning platform. But, we have to start somewhere and I believe this is the right time.” concluded the Mayor in a meeting with the ChilloPaat team. Education Officer from Panchkhal Municipality: Mr. Panthi was also very much satisfied with ChilloPaat’s digital learning package.

Consequently, an agreement was made after a feasibility study in a number of schools under the municipality. As per the agreement made on the 19th of Falgun will be serving three schools namely, Aazad Higher Secondary School, ShreeRam Secondary School, and Nawa Prativa Secondary School by providing its comprehensive digital learning platform along with an extensive training session to familiarize the students and teachers with the system.