Message From CAO

Welcome to!

         Shankar Prasad Paudel

We have an immense pleasure to introduce ChilloPaat Educational Institute (CEI) aiming to stand out as a leading education provider with the integration of academic excellence and one of the most advanced digital technologies

The concept of the organization originates from a feeling and love of a team of prominent people, living away from the homeland but with deep gratitude and responsibility towards motherland in their heads and hearts. The concept further shapes up with a series of virtual discussions with the educationists and management experts in Nepal with the successful and proven career profiles in their fields. So far some subject experts are connected to the team and working rigorously to materialize the concept while others are in line to join.

Though the idea of establishing such an institution dates back to a couple of years, our moves have been further prompted because of the urgent need emerged due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. It is now widely realized that Virtual Learning is no more a luxury but a must.

Obviously, such facilities are easily availed by the students/learners living in urban areas with access to internet facilities and smart devices in hands. We are, however, determined to reach also to the deprived and needy community of Nepalese learners in collaboration with the government of Nepal and non- governmental organizations as necessary.

We always welcome your constructive suggestions and feedbacks in the process of
furtherance of the institution.

With warm regards,

Shanker Prasad Paudel
Chief Academic Officer